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When we moved to Southeast Portland, we had a wish list worked out for our search to find a church to join. We wanted a church we could walk to, a church with pews, hymnals that are uses during worship, a pipe organ, and an accomplished organist. We had spent our church life being taught from the pulpit by men and we were ready for a women pastor.  We found everything that we were looking for and a small friendly congregation who really welcomed us to Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church.


                 Craig & Pam Enberg

Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church offers

me  the opportunity to pursue my religious and

spiritual life in  an environment that embodies community and caring.  The church program focuses

 on growth in serving the triune God through activities that range from Bible study to garden walks. Active participation has  added meaning to my life, enabled me to make new friends and confirmed my decision to join a small congregation after years of attending large congregations. Led by Pastor Linda Stewart-Kalen, who combines her strong

faith with creativity and passion, the church fulfills

 my need to  reach out and  to receive support on

my life's journey. 


                                            S. Clendaniel


  I enjoy the variety and ever-changing musical selections we hear and sing at Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church. The small congregation gives people a chance to know and care for one another better than in a large congregation. There are many opportunities to participate in the daily life of the church, as well as ways to reach out to our neighbors. Pastor Linda is good at engaging the members and visitors to our church, as well as the larger community.I had my wedding five years ago at Colonial Heights, and have felt welcome ever since.

                                                  Brenda H

Members of Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church

welcomed my family and me when we came to

Oregon thirty-three years ago as homeless refugees from Viet Nam.  Like me, members of our small congregation come from all  walks of life and ages, having different experiences; cultures, and persuasions; yet we love, care, and forgive one another as members of one family.  We are different, yet we are all beloved children of our Most High God. We believe that all people are created in God's image. Christ is the head of our church and the culmination of our faith, hope, and love.  We are a community of faith that glorifies the triune God and loves our neighbors as ourselves.  We offer ourselves as instruments of peace and service,

loving mercy and walking humbly with our God.  We pray, seek, and work for reconciliation and justice in this broken and contentious world.  Come and join us in worship on Sundays.

Y Phan

Colonial Heights is my second home. It is a place of font>

worship and spiritual guidance. I have grown up with the

people in the church for over fifty years and they are my 

church family.  We are a small church but one with a lot 

of love, and we welcome new people any time. To me 

ththis church will always be the place that I will come for

 my spiritual and worship needs.  This is what this church  means to me.


                              Leland Cain