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Dear Common Ground (Colonial Heights) Family, Friends & Neighbors 

Please join with us in helping our larger community lessen the impact of the Covid-19 virus. 

The Presbyterian Church in the Colonial Heights Neighborhood has suspended activities that require us to gather at the building through June 1.

All those in the building will be practicing appropriate distancing, an we are sanitizing the  space regularly.

The Session will be considering on a week to week basis  the requirements advised by the Governor, Oregon Health Authority and our Presbytery of the Cascades.

Most of the organizations using our Common Ground building have suspended activities or have moved online, but please check with them about their plans (HFP, PVAP, PDXVox have all notified us of their intention to be closed until the stay at home order is lifted).  

Pastor Linda, Session members, and our Deacons will be contacting our community to check in these weeks.  We will regularly post information and support on our Facebook page: Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church Portland.

    On this site you can go to the pages listed at the right to click on current activites and upcoming events.

 Pastor Linda will have office hours at the church for you to contact her 503-236-2430 (Tuesday & Thursday Noon- 4pm); you are welcome to email her at  


During Linda’s office hours, our sanctuary provides a quiet place of calm and resources for rest and reflection in this time of community anxiety.  There is amble space for a few people to use this space while keeping the healthy distance so critical at this time.  We recommend walking the grounds as our spring weather permits as well to restore a sense of well-being if you have been binging on the chaotic news cycles.

Please let us know if you have particular needs

or concerns during this time.  Peace be with you.

Thank you for your prayers and support the Session. 

Dear Friends, Our inability to gather together as a community can be isolating and distressing.  We will still be the church. Gathered or scattered we pray, we keep faith, we rejoice and we find new ways to be connected in the Body of Christ.
We pray that you might find a blessing in this time when we are staying home, reflecting on Sabbath, and praying for our friends, our community and the global community gripped by forces not within our ability to control. We do what we can. We stay as centered in Christ's healing and blessing as we can, and we give thanks that in life and in death we belong to God.

  Blessings, Pastor Linda


A Presbyterian Church (USA) Congregation  

   Colonial Heights Presbyterian Church 


Last updated 04/10/20  


  Nourished at the Table,


  we are sent to be


  God's People in this place.






  Seeking ways for the

  light of Christ to be visible

  within and beyond

  our church walls.





  Our door is narrow enough 

  to keep out hate and prejudice, 

  but wide enough to 

  welcome all in God's love.